Healthy aging with yogic therapeutic exercise.

Physician, yoga & wellness instructor
J. Yusuf Q. Erskine, DO

“As I approach turning 70, I feel tremendous gratitude for the opportunities that Life has given me, and high on that list is my nearly 50 years of YOGA practice! It is my pleasure to share with you O.N.E. YOGA. “

“Join me on a health enhancement journey, as we move our bodies together. Let us awaken within enhanced vitality, upgrade your flexibility and strength, and promote inner clarity and peace.”

“Now, with virtual online classes, no matter where you are on the planet, we can work together!”


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Yogic Therapeutic Exercise

Have you been curious about yoga and how your body might feel if you were more flexible and Stronger?
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Your Health

Have you wondered if there was a way to regain a fuller expression of your health?


Your Mind

Do better sleep, a calmer mind, and steadier balance seem worthy goals to pursue?

Your Peace

Would your anxiety about yoga be less if taught by a doctor with 30 years of clinical and 40 years of yogic experience?

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