Healthy aging with yogic therapeutic exercise.

Physician, yoga & wellness instructor
J. Yusuf Q. Erskine, DO

“As I approach turning 70, I feel tremendous gratitude for the opportunities that Life has given me, and high on that list is my nearly 50 years of YOGA practice! It is my pleasure to share with you O.N.E. YOGA. “

“Join me on a health enhancement journey, as we move our bodies together. Let us awaken within enhanced vitality, upgrade your flexibility and strength, and promote inner clarity and peace.”

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GENEVIÈVE FORGET PHT, D.O.M.P (Can), MSc Edu Andragogy

LIVING BIOPLASM PALPATION AND DIALOGUE: Tissues, Fluids and Fields Interactions to Determine and Respond to the Person’s Deepest Needs 

November 2 – 5, 2023


The art of palpation of living matter involves the ability to listen, discern and collect various information from the dynamic nature of the dialogue with the person and physiology.

This workshop offers an exploration with validation of the various aspects of matter, to better identify
their characteristics, standardize their palpation, define specific treatment objectives for each of these levels, and initiate the work of the living bioplasm and its prioritization according to the patient’s requests and physiological response.


The Instructor

Has been working in the health
sciences since 1992 and started teaching osteopathic manual practice approaches in continuing education curriculums since 2003.


Her focus is always to respond to the different participants needs in terms of explanations,
assistance, and validation through out the learning process, adapting the course content, if need be,
to further the therapist’s knowledge, skills and ability to be present in turn for their patients.


Workshop Synopsys

1. Development of palpation skills to appreciate and work with the different aspects of matter: TISSULAR, FLUIDIC, and VIBRATORY REALMS.

2. Development of PALPATION SKILLS to dialogue and work from the bioplasm.

3. Working from the bioplasm to determine the “MENU OF THE DAY”

4. Importance of the therapeutic space and quality of presence to maximize dialogue, reciprocal exchanges, and balance: GROUNDING, CENTERING, AND AVAILABILITY to the person through the matter, motion, and context. 


Workshop Objective

Following this seminar, participants will be able to dialogue with the person’s manifestation to appreciate the different expressions of matter, determine the presence of different dysfunctions or patterns and adapt the methods of treatment according to the presentation of the physiology.

This workshop’s objective is to answer certain professional questions and to extend the range and diversity of therapeutic intervention, within an approach aimed at acquiring the versatility necessary
to meet the deepest needs of each patient.


Physician Burnout: From Burning Out, to Burning Bright! An Osteopathic Perspective with J. Yusuf Q. Erskine DO

We need to take a deep look at the current state of physician burnout. What are the causes? How can we fix it? Are there advantages to admitting that every day is a struggle, and a tradeoff between happiness and productivity?

Physician burnout has grown over the past few decades from an outlier event affecting a few “canaries in the mine” to endemic proportions affecting more than 59% of practicing physicians.” With the arrival and persistence of the Covid-19 pandemic with its multiple surges and ongoing variants, healthcare providers have been taxed even more! 

Watch Dr. Yusuf’s definition of burnout and learn more about the course here.


The Instructor

Therapeutic Exercise guided by a gifted osteopathic physician with 38 years of clinical experience and 50 years of hatha yoga practice.


Healthy Aging

Fuller expression of health as evidence by improved flexibility, strength and balance.


Sangha Participation

The community of like minded professionals aspiring to live and promote health and mindfulness development infused through the course series with inspiring quotes, breathing and meditation practices.

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