What People Are Saying

“Yusuf facilitates our practice with grace and presence. He provides enough repetition for familiarity and depth with variety for ease and flow. He brings his multifaceted experiences and many years of yoga practice and teaching to support our sessions, sometimes with pithy quotes from those who came before. I appreciation his wisdom, mentorship, and caring. ”
With gratitude, Melissa Pearce

“Many times a yoga instructor has an established, repetitive routine for their classes. I have always been amazed how each of Yusurf’s classes were unique; not the same old, same old poses every class. I have incorporated many of the poses and practices into my weight training routine; using the poses to stretch before lifting and then applying awareness and breathing to my weight training. Kudos.”
Bruce Olson

“As a student and teacher of yoga, I have found Yusuf’s classes a breath of fresh air. His teaching is informed by his specialist knowledge and understanding of osteopathy, which, combined with a decades long teaching and studentship of the practice and philosophy of yoga, allows a unique depth and perspective to permeate the structure of his classes. With meticulous attention to the interconnected movement of the body, students are gently lead through asanas (or poses) opening them to the true intent of the practice of yoga – the subtle yet natural harmony that’s possible when body, mind, spirit drop into alignment – thus enhancing inner and outer life. It is an honor to recommend Yusuf’s yoga classes.” C Courtney

“I received so much from being in your course. I particularly loved the education on emotional intelligence. Your guidance is expert and caring, and the group felt safe, open and nurturing. I really appreciated learning about the many assessment tools, and I learned so much about myself from taking them. So helpful for my own growth and wellness, and for my caring for meaningfully for patients.”
Thank you so much Dr Erskine.

“Congratulations on your Osteopathic and yoga practice. You are a fabulous mentor and person! ”
Love, Melissa

“Dr. Erskine is a gifted teacher and guide to self awareness and health.”